Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Centers

So we decide a few weeks ago to do something called Sunday centers. There was a story in the friend this past month were a little boy was sad cause his church was not until 12:00 and he had nothing to do all morning so it was hard to keep the day special so his mom started Sunday centers. So we implemented the idea in the Wolsey house cause we don't have church till 1:00. It really if fun there is one kid per center at a time so there is no fighting they get 15min per center. One center is always computer center were they go onto and go to the friend and there are tonnes of puzzles, Picture searches story's that the computer reads to you, Online coloring pages, It's super fun and interactive with the kids and it plays the primary songs the whole time for ya! The second center we do is usually an activity that I've got laminated or printed off the computer that has to do with choices or something. then the 3rd is always different, One week we did journals were the kids told me about there month and the important things they had done and i type them up and print them off and put them in a book.(hoping to do that once a month, we'll see) another time it was crafting something, Anyway today it was planting some flowers that we can grow indoors for a while then (if they grow) we can transplant them outside. Anyway mom showed me a cute thing in a magazine in egg shell's so we tryed that! Anyway this is the end product so hopefully they will grow and then we can take a picture of that! Over all a succesful sunday morning well except for Blaze eating a little modpodge and painting his lips with the bingo dobber, but all in all a good morning!


  1. So Fun!!! You're such an awesome mom!!!

  2. You're way too organized. Sunday morning is for chaos. Don't you know? :)

  3. Oh totally that's why we do the same things just add one new thing! And come on Missy you know me better then that! I spend the rest of sundays yelling at them all to get them to church!