Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Sabbatical

So today I'm taking a sabbatical from life, Well kinda I've attempted to stay in bed all day which has been a success except lunch for the kids which actually didn't happen till 2 o'clock. I've got the beginnings of a head cold so i did not sleep good last night so at the expense of the house and children's hygiene I've done it. I've only got 45min till Brad's home, Thank heaven he will come home and take care of us all! Good thing he's such a good hubby!

Totally different subject we got a phone call from the hospital today about Blaze. He goes in Wednesday to get tubes put in his ears. I'm kinda nervous for it just because they have to put him under and we have to be there at 6:30 in the morning Yikes i don't think my body will work at that time. Anyway hopefully they will work and his many many ear problems and grumpy problems will all be behind us.

Friday we leave to go to Utah for a few days. It's our one big summer holiday since Starting in May he'll be doing 3 12hour days so we'll have more time with him but hate to take any other days off just because he gets no holiday pay (which totally sucks). Anyway We are so excited to go down and see Ali and Big guy and kiddies, and to go shopping! Each week's paycheck I've been sneaking a little money out and putting it into American so we'll have Lot's of shopping money! Yea!

Oh and one more thing i was going to post this link for all you Conference watchers out there this weekend. This blog have great links for the conferences booklets for your kid's to keep them entertained during conference. Some of them are your regular everyday stuff but some are really fun and cute! So I'll print these off and all that is left to get get the bingo treats! (oh how i wish we still had Penny candies). That was the best part about conference weekend was going up town with the sisters and getting our huge bag of penny candies for conference bingo! Anyway here is the link........


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