Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paris Second Best Day EVER!

Wow! Paris' Tooth Became loose yesterday afternoon, And when i say loose it was not completely mobile you could barley move it. But she has been talking about it non stop. She could hardly stand herself when B started loosing his, now it was her turn! So all day yesterday she kept asking if we wanted to wiggle it and pull it and well everything else and we were busy cleaning and doing other things, So to say the least it was so so super Annoying!
So she started again this morning on it! Yikes finally Brad walks into the bedroom and Say's it's coming out right know. Me assuming it was super loose and he said no not super loose but I'm going to go crazy if it does not come out this minute. So Brad went out and got the (super Clean and sterile) pliers from the dirty garage and B went out and got the camera and this is the story...........................

This is the Loose culprit

Blaze needed to feel apart of everything so Brad taught him how to use pliers on his own teeth.

In the "sterile" pliers go

And wow scary Daddy and a little sore Paris

And there it is gone gone gone!!! But I've got to say she is still so excited and keeps asking us if we want to see the tooth so I'm not sure really how much good it did for our sanity


  1. awwww the things to look forward to!

  2. I actually really look forward to my kids getting loose teeth. Paris and I would have gotten along great as kids. I LOVED losing my teeth.

  3. Aww!! Shelbie is obsessed about losing her teeth ever since her friend lost a couple of hers! She asks me everyday to check her tooth, she thinks it's loose. And, everyday I have to tell her, nope, not loose yet!! :)

  4. Thats a scary thing getting a tooth pulled out! She did good! Tyson hates loosing teeth so much that he lets them get so loose so they literaly fall out themselves!