Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teaching Moments

He Love's Paris Unicorn outfit that actually fit's him better then her know but he's only allowed to borrow it sometimes.
My little sunshine bear! (Ok really he's just spoiled and a tad on the grumpy side more often then not but still so cute)

This sounds like a really fluffy post. Well i kinda is but tonight i got home from Young women's and slipped in to say goodnight to Brody and he proceeded to tell me that they did not read their chapter books, instead they read three chapters of the BOM (which it's the one with the pictures) Any way he was completely floored by the stripling worriers! He explained to me all about it and his eye's just lit up! I thought wow what a teaching moment for Brad to take with B and Paris.

So it got me thinking about the teaching moment's I've had today.

-And well we had a moment in superstore where i had to teach Blaze that he was not allowed to get so excited over girls shoe's, He whips his off so fast so he can try on the gold ones.
- I taught Paris that Sunday shoes meant To only be worn on Sunday. Yes you would not think it was a hard lesson but you would be amazed after that whole conversation how many times she actually asked to wear them today!
-I also found another teaching moment with Blaze as inappropriate as it is i will share... He loves babies and he already loves this baby that is still in my tummy, He loves to give my belly kisses, But lately he's been confused with all the lumps on mommy as to which is baby and which is not. So i taught him the difference between baby and other bumps. I strictly taught him the difference to avoid those embarrassing moments when he point's to some other lady and Say's baby, He Say's both clearly know, So People will think I'm far to open with him if he point and Say's the other,but really it's to not offend lady's when he point and Say's baby, Brad's not sure that was the best lesson but he's got to know the difference so he does not think for the rest of his life that I've got 2 more babies right.
So compared to Brad's teaching moment mine are not that great but i guess I'll be in charge of the basics and Brad can do the spiritual.


  1. Somebody has got to teach them the practical stuff. :) You crack me up, KD.