Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reader discretion advised!!!

This face looks Innocent enough right?

So don't say i didn't warn you this post is long involved and kinda nasty.........So today already I've earned my mommy badge. We woke up this morning quite happy. Let me digress for the last 3 previous night's we've (Most/all kid's and me) have been having a hard time sleeping. Brody's nightlight burnt out and sent him into a i don't know what but he had every aliment from 10pm-2am he was hot then cold then his tummy hurt then his back hurt then he grew another ear (ok just kidding on the last) and Blaze, well i just believe he's spoiled and has gotten into a bad habit and Poor Paris gets woke up by all the commotion! So our breaking point was the night before last everybody in our whole house was up a 4AM! Me and Brad just looked at each other in total shock and disbelief as the weeping and wailing went on and on! Anyway so to say the lest we were all very very tired yesterday. So (and don't Judge me or call social service on us) but Brad Made a mad dash on his lunch break to walmart for a big jar or Children's Gravol. (for all you Americans it's for upset tummy's or for desperated sleep deprived parents) but i guess they have caught on to people like us and quit selling it!!! So Brad got the children's Tylenol DM. So last night at 5:30 pm each and everyone of the kids got a special treat from Daddy and would cure anything that ailed them that night! By the time we got dinner on there was next to no conversation the kiddies were so tired! B who usually eats us out of house and home did not take a bite. So 7 rolls around and off to bed and within 15min all 3 were sound asleep. Brad and I said a little prayer that it would last.................. and guess what it did!!!! We woke up this morning happy and refreshed!! UNTIL.......................

Brad went to work and the kid's woke up and we went to get Blaze up! Well it was Paris turn to get him up and she comes running out and Say's i cant get him cause he stinks. Which does not surprise me with his aversion to the tub and when he's relaxed at nap or night is is know to empty his system. So i got the diaper and wipes and in i went. Blaze was in a super mood (thanks to Tylonol Dm) and layed right down for his diaper change well i grabbed his pants hastily and felt somthing kinda squishy well i pulled up his pant and there was Poop everywhere!! The front of this diaper had come off and poo was everywhere! So of course i started gagging and in between gagging dry heaving and then i had called brad to see if he had bathed blaze last night but by that time it didn't matter he was going to be forced into the shower! So Brad is laughing on the other end of the line as I'm gagging and the kid's are screaming cause poo is coming out everywhere! Anyway long story short i think Blaze was shocked over the big hype in the morning over him he willingly got in the shower! Wow then i handed Paris the bathroom wipes and asked her to go wipe up all the wet foot prints and she said "the poo to" i went and looked and there was a big ol' Pile that had fallen out without me noticing!!!! So I think I've earned my Mom badge today! But now after all the craziness this moring i have no energy to get dressed or out of bed for that matter! Oh what a day, and it's only 9am!


  1. That is a brutal way to start the day.

  2. ahh good old poop. Glad it was you and not me... wait I delt with pooh a month ago. Yes you earned your Mommie badge. It's in the mail, watch for it. :)

  3. Eewww...that's real gross. I guess I should have given head to your warning. There's nothing quite so humbling as cleaning up human feces. So disgusting.