Monday, May 25, 2009

Blaze and my day!

Paris and i had big plans for today. We got B off to school and we were going to work out in the sewing room on baby's stuff. Well 9:00 rolls around and Paris gets a phone call to go play and she thought that sounded funner. So it left Blaze and me, so we got to work!
This is what we got made.............

Minky Retro astronaut blanket and matching burp cloth

His Big Minky Blanket and Burp cloth. Brad got to decide on the first name for sure so it's Knox (I'm sure Grandpa Hough will have a look for us) I asked him 3 time to make sure before i appliqued on this blanket. So His name unless it surprises us and is a girl, he will be Knox Merrigan Wolsey.

This i was so excited about it I used all the left over Minky and matched it with about 4 or 5 fat quarters and came up with this top. I'm just going to tie it but i think it turned out super cute!

I found a tutorial on someones blog with these covers's. It's 2 pieces of light cotton with two straps that Velcro across the carrier handle so it makes kind of a tent for the baby in the summer when it's sunny so you can lift it up but it still is stuck on the carrier. Anyway I'm excited about it obviously.

And this is how Blaze helps................
He tried out the carrier and Blanket

He Made me laugh

And again he tried out yet another blanket.
Otherwise He wandered around the yard and found all sort's of things with wheels while i sewed.
He's such a good little guy when the other kiddies are not around.

And this is tomorrow's project. Making these Bib's and hat's super cute for this baby!!
Oh how i love to craft!


  1. I love it KD! It just is so fun to create isn't it!! We should plan a kid free crafting reteat weekend sometime!! I love the car seat cover, perfect for a summer baby! and I love the print for the baby blanket and burb'er!!

  2. You make such cute things! I'm so impressed and jealous that my baby girl won't have such cute handmade stuff!
    The bibs and blanket are super cute.