Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sports Day for B

Couch Brad

Last Friday was Sport's day at school. Brody begged me to sign up to be a helper on his field trip earlier that week down to Wolford park. I had to explain to him that i just couldn't find some were to put Blaze and i would not be able to stay awake! Anyway our compromise was for Brad to take Friday off and be a parent helper at sports day. Brody came home so excited Thursday night cause Dad got to be his teams "couch".

Brad was glad to go do it and it made B so happy. Paris Blaze Mom and I went up and watched some of the sport which consisted of shooting water gun's at plastic figurines (not Kidding), Potato bag races, Swimming, High jumping and a few other things. B had a great time and is quite a little star. He tries to hard and does really well If i do say so myself! But i guess how hard honestly it shooting a water gun at plastic things? I guess he gets the same work out at chucky cheese.

My Brave little non-Swimmer. This is the year for swimming lessons!


  1. Cute.. ok I have to ask.. was Brad the "couch" or the "coach".. I wondered when you put in in parenthasies (sp?)... or maybe it was just baby brain today? :)

  2. Wow you know it did not look right to me, But i did spell check so i thought oh it must be right. dumb me i could not think it though!