Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magrath Days Excitement, and other awkward social situations

This weekend was Magrath Celebrations. It was also my 10 year High school reunion. That was Friday, I went up to it with Knox while Brad stayed home with the kids. I took Knox just in case i had no body to sit with or anything to talk about with people i have not seen in 10 years. I did not really want to go just cause it`s one of those awkward social situations that i just don't like. But it was fine. I had somebody to sit by and we did have fun.
Saturday we went to the parade in the morning. Paris was on a float and the boy`s had fun catching the candy and trying to catch a few water balloons that flew my way.
After the Parade the Wolsey family came over for a BBQ. The kids had fun playing in the pool while everyone watched. We ate super good food and visited. But i think the highlight for me was the Kids putting on a Micheal Jackson show! Super funny.
Here is Knox affectionately know as Foxy Knoxy
Todd, Grandma Falene and Grandma Roberts.

Grandpa Roberts, Scott, David and Prego Noelle

Grandma Wolsey, Paris and Jeff

The kid`s playing in the pool. Blaze was a super crazy on it. It`s pretty funny to watch!

Mmmmmmm the good food!

Knox`s first full church day. He looked so cute in this white shirt and golf pant.
He looked like a old man golfer but so cute non the less!

Oh and this is Paris Birthday party invite that we did tonight for her. She`s super excited for her big day and to be able to have a party is so much more exciting.
(I'm not a party mom but she was dying to have a party since she`s been in school and actually has friends)


  1. Knox is so cute and love the name. I love Paris' birthday invite too. Good job!

  2. kd, love the family photos...foxy knoxy is adorable, can't wait to meet the lil' dude...

  3. Knox is adorable!! Love the little pants!! Paris' invite is too cute!

  4. I have my ten year reunion next summer. Not too sure how I feel about that. haha