Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mmmmmm Rib's

Yesterday Brad made us a delicious dinner of Rib's. Thanks to Brent for getting us a great deal on a whole box of them, They were great and will last for along time. Brad marinated them and then drenched them in BBQ sauce which I have a strict aversion to, But the kids loved them! Paris Surprised us by gobbling up a bunch and wanting more and more. She usually hardly eats anything at the best of time, Let alone get her fingers or face messy, but she could not get enough of these rib's.

Even Blaze got in on the Rib action.

B fulling enjoying his rib's
And Brad enjoyed tonnes of rib's and hardly got any crap in his teeth or face.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the ribs! Madison is our little rib eater... she could eat a whole slab of them herself!! Looks like you all loved them!! Happy eating!