Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mmmmmm Candy Parade!

This morning before we headed off to the parade the kids had caught 2 grass hoppers and thought it was a hoot to hold them on there "laps" Blaze got in on it and thought it was so fun! Again i wonder why Boy's like that stuff, and why were having another?

So every year that we are around the kids and I head out to the Coaldale Candy Parade. Usually accompanied by m y Mom or i think one year we took Grandma Falene, But it's always been a Saturday we've done without Daddy for some reason ( I think most years he goes golfing) But this year we were lucky enough to have Brad come with us! ( as you can see in the picture below how Prego i am, I really don't think he wanted to even mess with asking to go golfing, I'm not the best humored right now.)

Anyway We headed out at 10:00 made it there by 10:45 parked in our usual spot got over and sat in our usual spot and the waiting started.....

You've got to understand for the kids' this is the best the reason it's called the candy Parade is because they throw out 2000Pounds of Candy! Which for a smaller Community is WOW! There is a couple designated trucks that just haul Candy and have people on the sides dumping buckets of candy in front of the kids.

Anyway It was well worth the wait the kids got tonnes of candy which will be dispensed of tonight with out them knowing, But they've had a candy free for all this afternoon.
It was a super fun day and the kid's were so excited to have Daddy come along so they could show him how it was done.


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