Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boy's Gone Wild!

So Brad and I were in a deep discussion on what we were going to do this weekend, As we were getting Blaze out of the tub. We threw his towel on him and kept talking. About 5 minutes into our big important discussion we both looked at each other and said where's Blaze?????? So we went out to the kitchen and there was his towel laying there on the floor and the sliding door was wide open. Oop's you know you have to many kids when you cant keep track of them all.
So I told Brad to grab the camera of course (cause that's just funny), and go find Blaze. Pictures have be edited for modesty reasons.
Blaze running away from Brad as fast as his little bun's would take him.
This is were Brad found Blaze in all his glory, In the garage playing with all the wheels.