Monday, August 3, 2009

I Have the best Husband ever!

I know Lot's of people say that but it really is true. He cleans, does laundry, puts up with my crap, Wakes up with Knox to feed him in the night, rub's my back(with no expectations, i don't think), helps me get organized, Helps get kids to bed, he makes me laugh all the time, I only have to hint about being thirsty once maybe twice before he roll`s his eye`s and then get`s me a drink, he Pretty much keeps our family running..... And boy I'm so glad for him, One day I'll be as good as a wife to him as he is a husband to me (When my hormones are back to normal maybe) Love you Brad!

Blazer being a super duper helper........Kinda

Oh... Big Mooches

We made a quick visit to Grandma and Grandpa`s sunday. Cute picture of the oldest and youngest so far on this side of the family.