Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've got the best boyfriend around!

Happy Birthday to me.... Brad got us ticket's to go see the Lion King!! We head up to Calgary next Friday and go to the show then sleep overnight and come home Saturday! And boy do I have a trooper of a father-in-Law who volunteered to watch the 3 kiddies while we are gone!!!
Plus Brad got me 2 more seasons of that 70's show, for those who know me know I'm totally addicted to season sets. I've got ER up till season 13 Dallas through season 6 Dawson's creek up to season3 (don't judge me) also I've got all the seasons of the GOLDEN GIRLS. Love them all!
Long story short Brad is totally the best ever!

The cake Brad baked for mine and Blazes birthday
ok he didn't bake it but he bought it for us.

Blaze has his 2 fingers up and I've got my 8 since he's 2 and i didn't have 28 finger so he did my 2 and i did my 8. Brad took this picture and looked at it and said oh that's a good one. I didn't realize why till i looked at it on the computer! That's why there is a flower in the middle of my chest! what a perv he is sometimes.

Blazer enjoying his cake!

And finally blazes new wheels! He was so excited I'm sure he'll be out there first thing tomorrow as well pushing it around if he still cant figure out how the peddles work.

Blaze and me had a super birthday! Thanks so much Brad and Paris


  1. I used to watch the golden girls all the time when I was younger! I'd be hilarious to go back and watch them again. Greg and I have been watching Arrested Development from the beginning lately. Have you seen that? SOOOO funny. Anywho...Happy Birthday!!!

  2. You will have to let us know if you enjoyed it. We have tickets for Sept 2010 to see it in Salt Lake.

    Uncle Bryan