Sunday, August 16, 2009

WHAT A SUPER STELLER WEEKEND! That's right i said steller!

So this weekend we packed up and headed down to great falls for our back to school shopping trip. Missy and Ryan and kids came with us and we had a great time!
I have to admit though at times it was like the clampett's go to town. But sometimes that just makes it funner.
The ultimate was dinner the one night we went to applebee's we were a walking gong show! Blaze did not sleep good the night before so he was on the edge, But the kid's were laughing at everything he did so he entertained which got a little inappropriate when he started asking for the peoples food on the table next to us, as soon as we got him back in line he was walking around kissing all the pictures on the wall. Again we ask ourselves why he's so out of control????? So between Ryan's chicken Breasts and my minor indiscretions we made it out alive and with two peoples comments on what well behave children we have..... ( i don't know which children they were watching).
So we got great deals. And i decided it's not so bad to be cheap, and it always helps to be overly friendly well in some situations. Missy and I went to Joann's which in my world is one of the most exciting stops. As we were getting our fabric cut we got chatting with the lady, Turns out she's a huge hockey fan, so we talked a little friendly smack about rival hockey teams. Got up to the front and she checked us out and of course we had no coupons, But our new best friend got us so many coupons and then % off that i paid less then 1/2 price for everything I had and Missy paid 6.49 for something that should have cost $16!
And we also found out it's OK to be super cheap sometimes. Missy and I headed out to Smiths for some great grocery buys, And you know the feeling of exhilaration when you are getting such a great deal it's like a Adrenalin rush in a grocery store (We are total moms) anyway we got so excited about the great deals we didn't read the whole add. So we left the store not so happy cause it cost more then we thought so i said i would go ask why (Brad thinks it's so funny when i do that cause i usually walk away with things the way i want) Anyway It was me and Missy's fault for not reading correctly but again we were super friendly so the lady let us have the discounts anyway and gave us back our $18 each! Again i know I'm cheap!
So all in all we had a super good time, and found super great deals.
Missy and i saw this as a display and decided it was so cute we had to get it. But since i have Blaze i bought it for Mom, She had a better chance of keeping it in one place.
Ok not the best picture but this was our super great deals at smiths.
8 boxes of cereal $1 a box, 8 bag's of Keebler cookie 1$ per bag 4 box's of crackers $1 per box and 8 highschool musical fruit snacks $1 per box!
Super deals!

Paris school clothes stash!

B's school clothes stash

Blazes stash (much needed clothing in general)
Brad's stash of new tee's and work shirts

And my stash (that's what happens when you have 5 other people to buy for)
Ok i got one other thing


  1. Sounds like lots of fun. We were wondering where Missy and the family were. Glad you had fun and got some deals. I LOVE cheap!

  2. You needed a pic of your FABRIC STASH!!

  3. I need a shopping trip. Greg needs a job. :)