Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wow! My day can only go one way from here!

I guess i should have thought twice before i said sure go ahead!

Today was a day i was going to be productive! I pretty much should know when i wake up in a productive mood chances are slim anything will get done, That's just how much luck is these days.

As i was in the bedroom getting dressed and ready to go to Costco this morning, My Darling little boy Blaze (totally sarcastic) came a trotting in with a box of cereal asking if he could have some. So me being in a hurry and just wanting to get out the door before it was to late, Said sure(thinking he would plop down on the couch and eat it out or the box. Boy was i mistaken. He wanted the full meal deal. The next think i heard was a splash and a drip drip.

At this point all i could do was hang my head, I knew exactly what had gone on without even looking. But slowly i gained the courage and momentum to go investigate. I was right........

checking out the mess he just made.

and back to eating he went

Trying to play the glad game with this one was hard but i figured it out....
there was only a 1/2 gallon of milk left, i was glad for that.

The day did not get much better from there. We finally got to Costco but just a mere 45min short of nap time and i had to wait a hour for my pictures. So long story short, we were those people... your know exactly what I'm talking about. Those people you look at and think to yourself ,"good grief get control of that child, Boy if he was my kid" But nicely just walk by and smile. Yep that was us. Blaze was screaming and crying so hard one little girl noticed and her mom said oh he must be having a bad day. um excuse me who is having the bad day? The kids who's screaming and in turn is getting everything that he wants thrown into the cart just to make him be quite, Or the poor woman pushing the cart with a screaming child!

Ok I'm done, and the only thing good about this day pretty much is that it's done!


  1. Sigh... I feel your pain... I had pretty much the same day. The countdown (9 days left) to the fair doesn't help the stress of it all either!

  2. Haha, he just needs his Auntie Mimi....or a kick in the butt....but probably just his Auntie Mimi.

  3. Aww, KD, I have too many days like that as well!! I am soo waiting for the day they are all in school so I can go by myself shopping!!!

  4. good times with a 2 year old, carson woke us up last night at 4:00am, and then since he had peed allover his bed we thru him in the bath and then in our bed, and so i had a little monkey snuggled on my back all night.
    the other morning i woke up to discover carson had colored all our grout lines in the kitchen with crayons...
    but you know look how darn fast they grow up, i'm sure we'll miss the spilled milk when they are teenagers and have just crashed the car.

  5. that (the milk) happens at LEAST weekly in our house..can't wait to see the messes that will happen in a week when you guys are here, lol! Should be interesting :)