Sunday, November 15, 2009

Craft's Craft's Crafts.....

So this weekend was the second craft sale weekend for me! I work hard for a few months and cross my fingers for the best. This weekend was Cardston. Last year it was super busy busy and i did really well. This year the traffic was just not there. It was slow and I did not do as well. But i still sold and made some Christmas Money Which is super. I like the cardston sale a lot mostly cause Mom comes with me and she knows everyone and has a good visit with everyone and then Tell's me the connections that everyone has. So all in all it was a fun weekend for sure.

This coming up weekend is Lloyd Minster sale I'm doing with Lara this year. I've got my fingers crossed that it will go as good as last year. I kinda think people are scared to go out cause of the Piggy flu?

This is the last craft sale this year then I'm finishing up my orders and being done for dec. so i can do all my own sewing I've been wanting to do! Yea I've got about 6 quilts i want to get done plus some super sweet bag's i just got patterns for. YEA my own sewing!


And again the Kid's surprise "Snowballs" sold out! We forgot half of them at home so we did not have as many but sure enough they were gone the first day!


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