Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's On

So This weekend we sat down and had a family meeting. The topic of the meeting was Blaze. We love our 2 year old beyond word's, But we all have a problem not calling I'm a pain in the butt(which he is most of the time these day's). So we gave the kid's as well as ourselves a pep talk on being kind to Blaze and not say out load what a stinker he is. Don't get me wrong we really do love love love him but all that know him personally know what I'm talking about. He's got a little spunk.


Anyway so while we were discussing that we decided to get the kid's going on chore chart's again and attitude chart's. We did this a while back and i can't remember why we stopped cause it worked great.

So they each have 5 chores per day with one Bonus chore. They also have a "only asked once" chart.

So there reward for doing the chores and walking the dog and listening and being nice they get "Buck's".

So we have a chart hanging up that has the prizes they can by for X amount of Bucks. For example 10Bucks for 1/2hour of Wii time $35 for a ice cream with mom or dad. and tonnes more.

So the kid's are so excited! They went to bed with no problem last night, Woke up this morning with no fights and bed's made and lunches made! Oh life is good for today!

Now we'll see if Blaze gets his chores done. He already earned a polite mark for saying thank you with out me telling him to. I think his biggest chore that's he's going to struggle with the most is getting dressed (he really does not like to wear anything but undies) also him being Kind chore. Hmmm We'll see!


  1. Great ideas! We need to start doing something again for our kids.

  2. OOOOH, can I come clean your house and earn some bucks....maybe to get some ice cream or a fun night out.....it would be totally worth it!