Tuesday, February 9, 2010

B's hockey update

So for you inquiring minds, Brad met with the coaches of the elite team for B and got discussing about money and Sunday's and they proceeded to tell us that B would be exempt from any Sunday practices but as for tourney's they said it would be better to have him cause the finial's are on Sunday and they would want the strongest goalie on to play. Anyway in the midst of this conversations Birthday's came up and they said something about a 2002 Birthday........oops who's got a 2002 birthday, hmmmm not B he's a '01. Brad said they about died, He said he was going to go home and call the tourney people and see about exceptions. Anyway we got a call back that night saying they would not make the exception on a 2001 birth year.

So long story short that made our decision for us! Be's to old by 3 weeks to play on that team. The coaches were disappointed but we were kinda relived cause it would have been tuff to say no to B when he really wanted to do it, So the coaches Still asked if B could come out and Practice with them. So we were happy with that for sure! B's excited to be able to practice with some super players besides his regular team. So we are finished Hockey in March and yes I'm kinda relived.
But I'm still a pretty proud mom!


  1. a blessing in disguise! at least B knows he's awesome anyway!

  2. wow, that one sure worked itself out hey!