Friday, February 12, 2010

What Kid's won't do for a Kinder

The Kid's have been slacking in there poop duty (picking up Foxx's Poop in the yard) They promised if we had a dog they would be on poop duty (no pun intended). Well i was out in the backyard yesterday and say all the poop hanging around. So when the kid's came home from school i told them whoever found and picked up the most poop won a special surprise.................. Oh the magic that happens with a little Bribe. Away they ran gathered up the poop in there bags and surprisingly this morning there were two kinder surprises waiting for them. They thought it was worth the hard work and i thought it was worth the $1. Everyone is a winner.

Today it Valentines day at school so the kids' addressed there Valentines last night with Brad and got them in there special ziplocks and put them in there Backpacks and are off to deliver valentines wishes to all. Paris Pulled out her very special valentines shirt from last year that still fits and we ironed it and she was super pupped to wear it. And Brody decided he needed Mohawk to woo the girls.


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