Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brad's new love...............

Brad loves icecream.
When we first got married one of our first deep discussion's was on ice cream and what the appropriate proportion size is. In the Wolsey household i guess if you had a bowl of ice cream it meant a heaping cereal bowl of ice cream. In the Gibb household if you had a bowl of ice cream you had a scoop in a small bowl. Either way is not bad it's just different (my way is cheaper) I really don't know how Falene kept ice cream in the house with 4 boy's (well if they all eat as much Ice cream as Brad), Brad alone will got through a gallon in a week. But I digress, So we decided early on in our marriage that we would not let the proportion size of ice cream lead us down the path to divorce. So it's very common in our house to say.............
"Does anyone want ice cream?"
Everyone Say's "Yes"
That is instantly followed by "Gibb Portion or Wolsey Portion?"
It's even caught on at my Mom and Dad's house, If we have ice cream they will always ask Brad if he wants a Gibb Portion or Wolsey Portion.
Anyway so We went down to Great fall's and I found the best surprise for my ice cream loving Man.
I think he's in love! I got him Dr. Pepper, I got the kid's Root beer. Brad has had Ice cream 2 times. 3 of the kid's had ice cream 2 times. The Dr. Pepper has twice as much missing. Hmmm I pointed this out to Brad. He just smiled.
Oh and this is not his full "Wolsey Portion" This was just his second bowl of icecream so he only took half a bowl.


  1. Haha! Wolsey Portion. IT'S SO TRUE! Thankfully, at our house, the Baker Portion is VERY similar to the Wolsey Portion... so that's not something we have to clarify! Hahaha, I love it. Icecream rocks my socks.

  2. PS... How is he not severely obese??? Grinds my gears, I'll tell ya.

  3. Um... Ian is pretty much addicted to the stuff too. Ice cream that is... never tried the Dr. Pepper stuff.

  4. Heck I'm coming over tomorrow to try out the Dr.Pepper topping! Yum yum!! I'll wear my Dr.Pepper shirt with Brad and will have a great time!!