Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day weekend

Brad left me on Thursday, He packed up gave me a kiss on the way out the door and promised he'd be back. I questioned it. I really did, after all he was heading down to AZ. To golf with his Dad for an entire weekend with no girls (as in me) to nag him. I really questioned if he would return to me.
Alas he did, Sunday evening just in the nick of time before it got the crazy glazed look in my eye's. It was so good to have him home. We all missed him and he claims he missed us (I don't think he had time to miss us).
So Brad's super weekend (that he claims is going to be an annual thing) consisted of...................
1. 90 Holes of Golf!
Yep that's right in avg. 95 sometimes up to 102 temp.
That's over 600 swings min. (Brad said that maybe makes them sound like bad golfers so i should lower the number of swings)
2 courses per day
Average cost per. game 15-18$ each including the cart. Brad said the best one carried the club's to the cart and at the end of the game they washed them all of with soap and water for them. Yep cost them a Whooping $15 for that course.
2. diamond Backs Game
Which they only lasted till the 7th and Brad got sick and had to go home, were he preceded to puke his guts out and go to bed. But that did not stop him, He was up at 5:30 the next day ready to do it again.
3. minimal shopping
just enough to not come home empty handed to the kid's and to get me my necco's
His most favorite part i think was finding a brand new Friend that invited himself to join there game in the AM then proceeded to decided it was a good idea to meet them at the next course. Brad said he swore like a sailor and Smoked a huge stogies the entire day but they had to be polite, Brad and Scott are to nice. Blahhhhh
He had so much fun and as soon as he walked in he started talking about next years trip, I said for me it was like giving birth to let him go, He needed to give me time and I would forget the pain. And maybe I'll let him go again.
For the Big kid's it was a super super long weekend. They got invited by my sainted sister to go up there for the weekend. We met Wednesday and away they went. They loved every min. of it. I guess B's favorite part was Uncle Ry telling hilarious stories about when he was young. Brody try ed to repeat them to his friends today and they did not find the same humor in it as B did. He needs to find his story telling knack.
Paris had a lovely time as well until the dreaded Bed incident. She got stuck under the bed and was like a caged animal when she woke up and had no idea how to get out. Between laughing hysterics by missy i think i caught most of the story and what a funny one it was.
They love being at Auntie Missy's It's like a second (they wish it was there first) home to them. Ryan and Missy are so good to them, they are lucky to have them as a auntie and Uncle.
My weekend well it was me with my thrown out back and the 2 little boy's. I've got to say I love my husband and I'm so glad he's around cause boy does it get boring at night when the boy's are in bed and It's just me, Plus i hate Hate sleeping alone. The boy's and I did fine. Blaze found a new passion, It's the movie Car's. he adores it and watched it a thousand times.
We were lucky enough to get to go to Mom's Saturday for a mothers day Lunch with Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Hough and Grandma Gibb. Mom put on a lovely spread (as always). It was such a nice time and we really enjoyed it.
Sunday I did not get to church on time but i was not that late either. I would have been on time but i for got a bottle. and had to run home and then i forgot a blanket and had to run home. But we were not to late. Blaze decided it was better to go join the family in front of us for church. I think he missed the big kid's so he joined a family who had big kid's and sat up with them for church.
I made a fantastic mothers day dinner for myself with the kids help. I was lucky to get the kid's help considering Brody informed me when they got home that since he does so much for me every other day of the year he was going to take Mothers day off. I'm such a lucky Mom.
It was a great weekend, See I'm already starting to forget not having Brad here and having to change every diaper, and the feeling of bed time coming around and i could not quit I had to put them to bed instead of handing them off to my Patient husband. Oh how I love him.


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