Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Boy's

Yesterday was a big day for a couple of my boy's. First of all Blaze learned a new word. I'm not sure were he picked it up at because the big kid's still think it's a bad word. B was repeating this story to g-ma and G-pa and instead of the word he put in his own (blalalala).
So We were grocery shopping Knox was in the front basket and Blazer was in the next bigger basket in the cart(walmart carts) Blaze was covered with food and Knox turned around and took something from him, And Blazer grabs it back and did a loud Mumble of "STOP IT STUPID BABY"
The wheel's of the cart came to a screeching halt. Blazer got a "that is a mean word and a bad word and don't ever say that to or about anyone, and apologize to Knox" Lecture. Wow I'm pretty sure he won't say it again maybe. I'm wondering were he got it from, my best guess is a movie but not sure which it was. Oh well, I hope it is but I'm sure that's not the worst that will ever come out of his mouth.
So B got Invested last night at cub's. He also received 6 badges! Wow
They included his
Team badge
Pet care badge
first aid badge
disability badge
collectors badge
and skating badge (which they did not have there)
Wow what a kid. Grandma Falene is going to help him on Thursday to earn his music badge.
He was so excited about all the badges he's earned, He's super excited to get working on even more!


  1. Good job Brody on all of your badges!!! You are the best!! Keegan is working on his artist badge right now. You'll have to show each other your badges next time you're together!!!

  2. Whoot whoot B! too funny about Knox and Blaze :)