Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School!

So it's Back to school for the Wolsey Kids. The kid's got up at 7'o clock and got ready for school. So fun. They were so excited to head back. I was also so excited to send them back. So we dropped off the little boy's at Grandma Sharon's and off we went.
I went armed with a black Sharpie to label all the kid's supplies with a tiny BW or PW. So Brody went right to his class and started getting his stuff done while i took Paris to her class. Well what happened next totally shocked me. We walked in and Paris started Tearing up and clung on to me. Since Pre school she has never done this. I was shocked. Usually It's B that gets anxious about things. So i sat with Paris. The teacher came and talked to her about having a nervous tummy. Some Girls came over and asked if Paris wanted to walk around with them, But Paris just kept her face Buried in me. So finally I said Paris I've got to go help B and i'll come back and sit with you as long as you need but I've got to go just for a few minutes. By this time i was about in tears, cause it's just not like our Paris. So she said "I've got to go to the bathroom" so i said ok go and then come back to the classroom and I'll be back as soon as I'm done with B's stuff. So she said OK.
So i whipped down to B's room and he was all set up. We labeled the rest of his supplies and he gave me a quick hug and said goodbye and sent me out the door. so i headed back to Paris room expecting to have to stay with her, but to my surprise she was totally fine I went and gave her a quick hug and asked if she was ok, She looked at me like i was crazy and said a quick "yea Mom". So off i went.
After school I asked Paris how it went, she said great and she loves it. I asked her how she got over being scared, She said "Mom, I went to the bathroom really to say a Prayer, So heavenly Father could help me be happy at school" Wow! I am so proud of her and totally floored that she would think of Prayer all by herself! I'm so proud of her. She's such an amazing girl.
Brody was asked by Mrs. Selkie to sit by Marina who is a special needs little girl. She does not speak, But Mrs. Selkie asked B cause he's been in her class since grade one and B is so nice to her. B was happy to say yes, Which i think is pretty amazing for a little 8 year old to forgo sitting by friends to sit by this special little girl.
Long story short I'm a pretty proud Mama.
Blazer Starts his "School" tomorrow. I think some girls are going to be doing a Joy School this year which i'm going to do but until we get it set up i'm starting ahead with Blazer. So luck him gets to go to Mommy School Tuesday and Thursday for a couple hours. Hmmmm i wonder how this is going to work out.


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