Friday, September 3, 2010


So I've got a huge "TO DO" list. It all started with Brody and Blazes room. This summer while the kids were gone up to red deer i re did B and Blazes room. It turned out cute but never got totally done. But a few week's after almost having it done we decided to switch Rooms with the boy's so they ended up in our room and we moved to there room. So Now there room is finished (except for hanging up B's headboards, Brad swears he'll do it every other day but he's a busy guy).

Anyway that instituted a room re-do for Brad and my room. I did a quilt for the bed the a few months ago and then sent it off to be quilted, well it just got done last week! I am the most excited girl in the whole world!! I love the way it turned out but now I've got to finish the headboard, paint the room, find Baskets for the new selves that Brad built.

So i decided that i did not want the big t.v. out in the living room anymore cause it could only go on one wall and so the furniture could only go one way so the TV got moved into our room and so the couch got rearranged and new chairs were brought in and now i want to do new curtains and put these curtains on the back window in the kitchen which institutes a tiny kitchen redo.

So in other words I've got about a thousand things on my "TO DO" list. Here it is

1. Hang B's headboard
2. Paint our room
3. Find bed skirt and bin's for our room
4. sand paint and put together our headboard
5. pick fabric and make new curtains for living room
6. make ledge for pictures in kitchen
7. hang quilt on wall
8. Take new school pictures of kid's for living room wall

So i guess writing them out it does not sound that bad, but mean while Brad's doing the Pardging on the house and we really want to do a front porch, and the neighbors are going to divorce us if we don't get the tree trimmed sometime soon.

So long story short, we are keeping busy at our house.


  1. Brad is. We'll see how it works out.

  2. hey good luck with the mother of all lists!!!! I have some advice, make your own bedskirt, they are crazy expensive and if you buy a cheapy they never sit right, i have a pricey one from when we staged the old house in SK, its cute but i would of totally made one if i had had the time...

  3. OH dumb me i thought it said who is. Ok Brad corrected me it's spelled Parging. I get it i suck at spelling

  4. Actually, I didn't know what the word meant, let alone that you spelled it incorrectly! I looked it up and it means:
    par·get (pärjt)
    1. A mixture, such as plaster or roughcast, used to coat walls and line chimneys.
    2. Ornamental work in plaster.
    3. A cement mixture used to waterproof outer walls.

  5. It's done around the bottom of the house on the cement to make it look nicer! I assume everyone is making fun of the spelling. I don't know after all that if it will get done before winter. It's already starting to turn chilly here!