Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Darling Paris

Well we've had a busy week. But during that Busy week Paris' Birthday has come and gone. So It's a bit late but here is her Birthday post.

Paris Came into our lives 7 year's ago. I told Brad that it was a little girl by getting a bunch of Plain Blue Balloon's and one pink balloon that had "it's a girl on it', Filled them all with helium and took them home to him. He's was tricked at first but when he saw the one pink balloon pop up in the middle he was ecstatic. We were both so excited to be bringing a girl into our family.

Paris is such a special little girl. "special" in more way's then one, hehe. She has so many great quality's.


She loves to have everything in her room put in it's place, But when it's a mess it's a huge mess. She loves spending time in her room by herself.

She loves to read, She's just learned this past year how to read and write. She loves to write love notes. She is also a avid collector of notebooks, if we are missing a notebook, it's sure shooting that she has it stashed somewhere.

She is also a collector of receipts. Not sure on this one. But if i need a recipe for something I've bought she about 90% of the time has it stashed somewhere in her room.

She loves all thing's girl. She's not a tom boy in the least, but she does not mind catching grasshoppers or playing hard at the park. She loves being outside.

The best thing about Paris, Is that she is a worker. She has been most of her life. She does not shy away from hard work. If we ask her to do something and give her a little praise, She is sure to get it done and done well.

Paris has a sweet spirit with a little Sass on the side, but with out the Sass it would not be our Paris. We are so happy to have her in our family.


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