Monday, September 6, 2010

For Hire

We've got the "SUPER WEED PULLER" He worked our yard over today. He's available to take appointments to help out in your yard, And he usually starts out working with Pants but somehow they always seem to end up with then flung in the yard. I think it's cause they just get in the way of his hard work.
He does have an assistant who keeps the snack at the ready
So today i worked on our headboard! I'm so excited. Our room is about done! I got the headboard done. Brad is finishing the painting now, He finished the shelving unit. (yes Sister's i said unit).
So all that is left to do is the bed bed skirt, a few more pillow's and get the quilt bond, Which well i was suppose to do but was not getting it done so Grandma is spoiling me and picked it up today to sew it on, then Mom's stitching it for me. That's why i love living here!
So by next weekend I'll have pictures to put up of the whole room!! I'm so excited!


  1. hee hee! you said UNIT!! Nice longhorns hoodie! Can I hire Blaze and Knox for a few days? My little orchard patch is overgrown, as well as the soon to be raspberry patch AND the garden!!