Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homemade Christmas

So this year we sat down with the kid's and talked about christmas. We decided (mostly Brad and I) that we are going to do a homemade christmas this year, As such we need to start now. Of course the kid's will still get Santa Toy's and maybe a toy or two from us but we are going to concentraite on helping the kid's make there gift's for friends and family.
So this is my list so far of Project we can make for the kid's or the kid's can make for each other.
1. CTR Towels
2. Car Roll up.
3.Notebook's and Pen's
4. Jewlery
Hmm No like i just know how to do it.
5. Quiet Book
6. lace up toy's (wood shapes with hole to thread shoe laces through
7. and finally a Sunday Box
Filled with Flannels, Games, Card's, Pretty much anything to keep the kid's busy sunday afternoons!
And of couse the kid's yearly Photobooks
I do these at I love this site they send out coupon codes all the time for free stuff. So I'm lucky to have got 6 free book's so i can get all the kid's done plus our family reunion done for just shipping (which end's up being about $10 per book but it's still saving $15. I've alway's been happy with everything i've got from there and they have the funnest stuff to choose from.
If anyone and i mean anyone (even if i don't know you) has any other ideas, For sure let me know!!! I would love to hear any idea's!


  1. LOVE the great ideas! I totally bookmarked a few of them to do later.

  2. We last week sat down also decided to do christmas all home made.. It should be interested, we go over board every year and I figure I won't be going over board if I have to find time to make eveyrthing ... Im excited to see how it turns out!
    O and I love your ideas!

  3. I'm so glad someone else is doing this to. I find the same thing i go totally overboard and it's just not needed! We'll have to report back to each other see how it went!

  4. i'm afraid i'm going to have to steal some of your ideas :)