Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us.

Brad and I have been Married f or 9 blissfull years. Yes all 9 years have been wonderful with no fighting no arguing nothing. Just kidding but it has been the best 9 years of my life thus far.
We went out last night for our anniversary and we discussed what we have accomplished in the last nine years and what we want to accomplish in the next 9.
This is what we've accomplished
-moved to and from Edmonton
-Moved to and from Texas
-acquired a huge student loan debt
-home owners
-4 children
-1 dog
-and we are still in love!

Wow! Hopefully we'll have that many and more adventures in the next 9 years

So The Very most wonderful things i love about Brad are
1. He quietly does everything for me.
2. He Tidy`s up the house
3. He`s easy to make happy
4. He loves his kid`s
5.He Cook`s better and cleaner then i do and he clean`s up after he`s done
6. He`s my Big Daddy and just smiles when i call him that.
7. He would rather hang out with me then anyone else.
8. He is so good at making me laugh
9. He`s very thoughtful
10. He encourages us do do what we would like to do and he makes it possible.


  1. love the hair KD, it looks super cute! i can't wait to dye and cut my hair, it'll be the first thing i do once this baby is born.
    p.s. 4 kids in 9 years is impressive, we'll barely squeak in 3 kids before our 9 year anniversary...

  2. Cute new hair and Happy Anniversary! You know I'll always remember yours if no one elses!!