Saturday, May 14, 2011

What the What???

The House.

We are slowly getting it together and making it our own~! we've done a lot of painting and odds and end stuff.  This weekend we are going to tackle the basement (just painting).  Anyway this past week i was able to finish Knox's room.  It turned out cute (i think).  and for my later Gee Whiz file I'm adding the cost.

We Painted his room.  I got a mistint color from Walmart which was $10 (ended up being the cutest color)  The orange was  a pint we had from Brody's room (that we actually didn't even use for his room).

The canvas's were on sale at Michael's so we got all 4 for $10. Brad drew out the fish and i painted them.

the fabric i already had from forever ago.  So for the fabric toy baskets' i just had to purchase the Cafe rod. 
The dresser was a leftover from the move.  we sanded and painted it with leftover paint ( from when i was trying to choose a color for the house).  I bought the new

His Bed is Blazes old one that i built for him.  I sanded and Painted it (again with leftover paint from picking the house color)

I Bought the fabric for his quilt at the fabric addict back in the clearance section for 5.98M And i think i got 3M of it and i purchased the orange in the same place for the same money.

So the grand total for the room was ......................Drum roll.............................

$55!  Wow that was money well spent!  We still have to buy new plug covers (since the boy's thought it was fun to step on them and break them.  so i guess Probley a grand total of $60.



This was another quick project i did. These were the kid's pictures i took for mothers day. I wanted them to be canvas but i did'nt want to put out all the money when i'll be taking new pictures of them in 6 months.  so i did homemade canvases.   All i did was get the pictures developed,  got the premade canvas' at micheals.  Modpodge the canvas,  stuck the picture down then modpodged on top.  Super easy!!  And i think they turned out pretty good.  I think i'm going to repaint the sides to black but for my first try, i think they turned out pretty good. (not to toot my own horn)  Ok just kidding I am!  The grand total for this project was ................. $24.  Now that's a Smokin'Deal!



  1. I'm totally copying the canvas pics (with my own kids of course), they turned out awesome.
    p.s. Nate and I couldn't figure out why we still smelled like woodsmoke, we had both showered and changed our clothes, turns out his glasses really trap smells, weird hey?

  2. Bahaha that's so weird!!! Hey Do you want to do Hunters pictures sometime!! I'll help you do the canvas's if you want!! So easy

  3. you are the queen of frugal crafting, everything looks so great!!