Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wowza, Were has the time gone??


I adore this picture of him.  It shows is attitude at this point in his life.  If things are going his way he's as happy as can be.  But watch out the  minute you say no or you leave the house without taking him with you,  He will throw himself into the hugest fit you've ever seen.

I'm assuming (hoping) that he's getting running start into the terrible 2's.

That being said,  He's a darling little boy most of the time.  These are the top 10 things i love about Knox

10. His goofy smiles/surprise looks
9. When he gets go excited when anyone says the word "Go"
8.  His love of bubbles,  They never get old
7.  How tough he is (he can make Brody,Paris and Blaze cry)
6. His love of Baby's
5. How much he loves his stuffed Dr. Suess animal things (and how he loves the pink one the best)
4. His love of shoes!
3. When he rub's my face
2. When he cuddles with me
1. When  your trying to talk to someone or do something and he holds your head in his fat little hands so you can't move it and kisses and kisses you.

We Love our little Knox and we think he was a excellent note to end on!!  Happy Birthday big boy!


  1. LOL Love the picture! Can't believe he is 2 already!