Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Goals.....

So my goal is to Blog every Monday with the past week events................ that was 2 weeks ago and look at me sheepishly coming back to the land of Blog.  I'm having a hard time getting to the blog because i fell like I've been so busy,  and i feel guilty if I'm no the computer and doing anything but editing Pictures since I'm so behind.  And since I've been doing other peoples pictures so much I've not been taking enough pictures of my own family! Gasp!!  The kids really don't know what happened.  I did not take one Halloween picture!!!  I'm feeling very sad about it know so maybe I'll dress at least knox and Brody up again,  Since Paris was a witch again (i think every year but one, she's been a witch), and Blaze had a awesome dinosaur costume but opted last minute for his Puppy house coat???  Embarrassing much!  Oh well. 

It was quite a eventful day.  Blaze has had Paris explaining the important parts of life to him at night with out us knowing until now.  She's been explaining about vampires and how they suck your blood and Werewolves and plenty of other knowledgeable things that we wanted our Paranoid 4 year old to know.  So long story short Halloween did not go over super well with Blazer.  He refused to go to preschool cause everyone was dressed up,  so after fighting for 15 min with him i took him home and made him nap!

Trick or treating went well,  It was a wee bit Chilly but the big kids lasted a couple hours.  Blazer Really got into it this year.  I took them around a block then Brad took them out for a hour or so to all the regular places.  Blaze made quite a haul but when he came home he took over door duty and he kept giving away all his candy instead of the stuff we bought.  He gave one little girl 4 bags of his chips...... Hmmmmm.  Anyway it was a good Halloween.

So November is a really busy month,  I guess so was Oct. And Sept.  But November's my crunch Month.  I've got 3 set's of family picture to edit (More to shoot) 2 craft night 2 craft shows and all my Christmas shopping has to be done by Dec. 7th!!!  Yikes I've never had a strict deadline till this year,  But I'm going in for a minor operation that will put me out of commission for a few weeks.  I know good timing right!  Anyway so that's why I've been absent from the blog for so long.  Not a good excuse I know but it does make for a busy busy time! 

So as soon as Halloween is over (I'm talking Nov. 1st) our Christmas music comes out.  Brad Amway's rolls his eye's but i know I'm totally wearing him down..  We've been married almost 11 year our first Christmas we put up the tree early December and the date has slowly crept up.  So by the 6th of November I was ready to put up the tree!  And Brad agreed without to big of a discussion.  I love putting the tree up early but then it has to be down boxing day or a few day's after.    So our tree got up!  It look wonderful from the outside in but from the inside it's not very pretty yet!  I forgot last year i was changing decorations and forgot i had not bought hardly any!  oops!  so our half dressed tree stands proudly in the window but little do people know from the outside.... It's half naked!  Yikkes!  One more thing on my to do list!







We've been having  a hard time with the Blazer lately.  He's gotten to the point of almost not wanting to leave the house.  He won't go to Church (without a huge fight) he won't go to class. In fact one Sunday sister Noad came and got me out of Sunday school and said she had lost Blaze.  We both split up and went looking.  I happened to peek outside and sure enough he was walking home.  What the heck!  He's taken to not liking preschool either.  He try's to run away and go home.  He yells, crys.  We are pretty sure this is a genetic thing Passed down to him by his FATHER.  It really is a Brad related thing.  he use to be the same way, I'm told.  We are slowly trying to figure him out and get him balanced a bit!  Holy Crap,  if i knew mothering a child would be so much work, i still would have done it but maybe thought twice about it.

Brody is in the full swing of Hockey.  We are in a much better League this year.  Last year we were all over the place but this year our furthest is Crownest and the it's raymond Coaldale, Pincher ect.  He's loving it still .  I'm still on the fence and trying not to give him a guilt trip every time we have to drive take all the kids spend an entire Saturday all on him.  But it's hard  when he's being a little snot pants not to bring up all the time and money we spend on him!  I'm the worst at guilt trips! 

Paris is..... Well she's Paris.  She's got a problem at school.  This Fall we really got into Canning.  Brad decided on afternoon to pickle Carrots.  (We had them all the time growing up)  Anyway the kid's adore them!  Paris got  in the practice of taking some to school for lunch.  She started sharing the with friends.  Then it became a thing.  Every day she took like half a bottle of pickled carrots.  The one afternoon she took the last half of the last bottle. She shared with her friends except one was not there.  So she came home from school so upset cause her friend was mad because she didn't have any pickled carrots left to give her..  This is Paris!  Love her to death! 

Knox is getting well into his 2's.  he is very determined to do everything on his own.  For example if you peel his Banana....  look out!  He freak's out and wont eat it.  Speaking of Banana's if we have them in the house  they are gone in a day!  Knox will Pound back, No Jokes, 5 Banana's in a day easy.  He's realized now that if he does not get out of bed, then we leave his door open,  which he loves,  So he's a dream to put to bed now.  HE's totally potty trained minus a accident here and there.  he's the most loving cuddly little guy ever.

Wow so that's the update on the Wolseys!!  I have not been taking any pictures of our family cause I've been taking so many of other peoples family.  I'm a bit overwhelmed in the picture taking department.  but now that I'm done with that for a while (maybe)  I'll do more of our family.   

So that was a super huge update but know I'm up with Blogging and i promised myself i won't get that behind again!!!  Next Monday I'll be blogging again rain or shine.... or snow i guess....


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