Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hair

So anyone who's been around our family the last 6 months will know that Brody's hair is a sore subject with all of us.  He insisted during hockey to have a mullet. Yep a full mullet.  We questioned why why why,  but we agreed (Brad forced me,  he said Kade..... this is one less thing to fight about) to let him go ahead and grow it as long as after hockey we could cut it... he kinda agreed.

So hockey came and went but the mullet stayed around... Anytime a haircut was brought up everyone ended up mad and storming off.  I tried to cut it once and trimmed it and it looked better for a day then it grew back...

We are not sure why Brody is so insistent on growing the mullet.  Last night was Brads final draw.  Everyday this week we've talked about cutting it and everyday this week ends in tears.... (pretty much from me)  cause he won't cut it.  Anyway last night we did it...... Brad forced him to cut the Sampson Hair....

Don't tell him i posted these pictures...

This was the before....




So much better... And Brad softened the blow by saying... B now you can start growing it out again!
He's forgivin' us this morning... But I'm not goin' lie it was touch and go there... I thought we would wake up to a miserable kid again this morning....  Our Sampson! 


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