Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Brad and I have always prided ourselves on being pretty easy going (yes sometimes to easy going) But we decided early in our Marriage that most things that happen and make us crazy really don't matter. So when big thing's like owing $6500 for taxes this year instead of the expected $2000 we just say wow that really sucks!!! Good thing we've been putting away savings, oh well i guess we wont be paying off that student loan yet! It really has worked out well for us by accepting what we can't change and dealing with it together. So long story short I've been having a really hard time lately with everything and i know it's totally hormonal but as most women know you can't change that! I found myself following Brad around the yard today complaining about everything!! And when i say complaining, I think Brad would use a much stronger word! Anyway after much thought about the last couple weeks and things just not going our way at all, I decided to play the glad game. Missy brought it up on her Blog a few months back and i decided it was time for me to give it a try cause there is so much to be glad about if i really think about it so here goes.......
I'm glad the tire went flat so the kid's could come out to help change the tire cause then Paris had Plumbers Bum and it made me laugh! SHHHHH don't tell her!

I'm glad Blaze loves wheels so he could help daddy by painstakingly unscrewing 2 of the lug nut's without any help from Daddy! And we could find out that our Brake pads are down to almost nothing. But I'm glad there still is a little bit of pad left.

I'm glad I've got a camera that i can take pictures of Kid's dirty toes.

I'm glad for B...........Just for Being B. He is such a good boy and we have learned so much from him some knowledge we are glad for other not so much.

I'm Glad Blaze (who hates the Bath) Likes some kind of H2O even if it is poopie irrigation water

I'm glad Paris could come get her toes done with me this month and I'm also glad we have toes.

I'm glad Paris' horse lessons got changed for today instead of next week.(I don't think we could stand two overly emotional girls in the house for a whole week)



  1. It always helps to play the "glad" game....I really dont think that we could get through life without it. Keep your chin up....just be glad that as big as you don't have two chins....hehe......

    Some love is coming your your mailbox...I had an inkling that you might need a pick-me-up this week.....

    Love ya sister!!! You're the best and I'm GLAD you're one of my best friends....couldn't ask for something much better than that!!

  2. You know thats so funny, I was going to do a post on things to be glad about, but reading your is just as good! I too have been trying to find the good in things, even though today we went to Waterton and Kadne refused to use ANY potty up there and ended up peeing his pants and us having to come home. It was still a good day!

  3. It's weird, but I swear being overwhelmed is going around like an epidemic. It seems like every mom I talk to lately is on the brink of losing it. The glad game could go a long way for all of us.