Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So It's Official..............

This is a picture of me prego with Blaze just to say i'm not alway's so huge!

I really am huge! I' ve been having issues about this the last month or so, Anyway I went to the doctor today and he made it official I'm am huge. I layed down for the regular measure and he measured me and followed that with a "Wow how big was your biggest baby?" O geeze right! I told him it was B at 8Lbs 3 ounces which is not huge but he was also 10 day's early followed by Blaze who was actually 13 day's early at 7 lbs 4 ounces. Anyway So the Doctor looked me up and said my date according to my Monthly is the 27th but the ultra sound is the 19 and by the way he was talking it should have been a week ago! Long story short i came away a little more depressed then when i stepped in, But on the upside of things he's on holiday's starting 28th so he said we'll make sure you have it before then and maybe awhile before then! So that is great news's but at the same time im huge!


  1. Funny...I was thinking "I didn't know that Brad was back in school. That's cool that he graduated too." I'm a nerd, I swear I can read. :) That's such a cute picture of your family. Those last few weeks of pregnacy are ROUGH! I feel for ya girl!

  2. Hey at least you make big look good !