Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?

Yes it did!! I carefully picked a dress this morning put it on and looked long and hard in the mirror. Debating if it made me look bigger then i actually am or not. So after careful consideration i walked out and asked Brad (in front of the kids) If this dress made me look big, He wisely said no you look good, I think i was mostly because he knew if he said anything else the morning would end with me in my undies crying on the bedroom floor cause nothing looks good or fits and it would me he has run the risk of being late for church which he hates. So of course he said no Kade you look great! But meanwhile B sticks up his little finger about a inch apart and said ok mom you don't look really good. So of course I turned around while Brad gave B the "You never say that to your mom till after she has the baby Lecture" Soon he came In with a quick apologies. And the morning went on. So i get to church and got caught in the hall chatting with some people and Brad and the kids were in head so i trailed in and had to waddle the whole way across the chapel to find them. Anyway as soon as church was done Sis. G said hey you look so good, Your due pretty soon eh! And i said well in 2 and 1/2 months, which she followed with oh really wow! Soon after i got Blaze to nursery i ran into Sis. D who asked how much longer........... 2 1/2 months and she followed that with a holy cow KD You are huge and she said it over and over again! And then the Bishop Came up and said wow you must really be uncomfortable! The rest of church the comments came..............
Long story short never believe the husband always believe your 7 year old who is not worried about having a crying mommy or being late for church! I'm throwing that dress away!


  1. oh KD, no matter how big your belly is, you are so beautiful to me, can't you see? your everything I hope for, everything I need, you are so beautiful to me!! la, la la ...

  2. haha! From the mouths of babes. Love it.

  3. your blog always gives me a good chuckle, I especially loved the blog entry about heart burn!! Gotta love being pregnant!!