Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

This weekend The Sharpe kids were down while Missy and Ryan went to Las Vegas. The kids had a great time playing. And they got along for the most part, Mind you Paris was out of commission almost the whole time with a throat and ear infection so she really felt to crappy for any major confrontation. Anyway we decided no matter what the two boy's B and Keegan get along they both have pretty Strong personality's but they mesh so well together. Anyway Brad had to head into the Dr. in lethbridge today so he picked up a fun little water slide thing for the kids to play with today. They had a lot of fun as long as nobody was spraying the other or throwing water on each other or doing anything with water unless they were in the tiny pool! ( I know a little crazy to get so mad over spraying water when your already soaking wet, but what ever.)
Other then that this weekend not much happened besides Brad's first outing to the golf course. Him and his Dad went out finally for the first time this season. He's been dying to go but wont find anyone to go with he just likes going with his Dad which is great but His Dad has had an busy month or so but know they are into the swing of things! Brad shot the best he has ever shot he got a 88, Which to me means nothing but he was pretty excited when he got home about it. Golf talk is not my thing but I do pretend to be interested as long as i can. He is going to Waterton golfing this coming up weekend. I really don't want to let him go but after this weekend i really wont want him to go I'm sure so i guess he better go while i only have 3 at home to control!

Ok so here is one unhappy moment.

Check out how many bones you can see in B's side. he's so skinny


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