Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caution Strong langauge used below, Parental guidances suggested.

So i have not updated for some time know well a week or so which is not like me but I'm really big and pregnant and yes that is my excuse for everything! This baby is due to come out on the 19th of July but both other boy's have surprised us early so I'm expecting to be surprised again but I've got a bad feeling about being surprised the other way! My original due date was the 26th but they boosted it to the 19th so ignore the alien baby on the side bar i don't have that many more days.

Anyway Last week i was up in the middle of the night with major pain, OK the contractions were kinda bad but i had major pain down yonder. I was up the majority of the night but by the time i woke up Brad was gone already to work so i cried getting out of bed and cried when Paris had to put my Pants on and cried when she asked if i had a cold and if that was why she was dressing me. Anyway will all my might i could muster i had B throw all the kids in the car and off to Mom's we went. I held it all together all the way crawling up the stairs but as soon as i see my mommy i bust into tears and cried that my crotch hurt so bad i cant even move. So they cancelled there hygienist appt. and Mom took me into the hospital. We unfortunately did not catch dad in time and he had popped his T3 he takes to dull the pain at the dentist so we had to take the kid's over to Grandma Falenes which was very nice not to have to worry about them.

Anyway Long story short we got there and they checked me in and got me all strapped up and the Dr. came in and all i could say was my crotch hurt and well he wanted me to explain the pain and i said i did not know enough about my crotch to explain what actually hurt but it felt that if there is any bones down there they were being crushed with pain.

Anyway The contractions kept going for oh a long time but i was only getting dilated to 3 and my heart rate was high and my hemoglobin was so low and i had a temp. But meanwhile i think the Dr. had heard enough of the crotch word and he said do you know a nicer name for that? And i kinda giggled cause I'm in mature enough to hate to use the real word for it He was lucky to get crotch usually i call it the business or private area if I'm talking to the kids, And i thought that was the nice word for it. anyway i guess the nice word is PERINEUM i don't even know if that is how you spell it, but that was my new word for the day.

Anyway long story short cause i was not going very fast and i was 37 weeks and one day and the other problems they shipped me into lethbridge were this very nice nurse gave me a pill, she said this will get things really going to stop them. This little tiny pill was called a Adivan. WOW i slept all night and then the whole next day and then the whole next night and then the next day i had to stay awake since Brad was back at work but i think i could have slept that day as well. I looked it up finally and they usually give those suckers out for people with high anxiety, Wow they obviously did not know there Patient............. Mom said that she had told Ali and Ali had said wow they got the wrong sister on that!

Anyway 2 day's later I'm back at the Dr. office for my regular appointment, the Dr. walked in and guess what his first question was..................... "So what's our new word?" Good thing i remembered it.


  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day! Hope your PERNIEUM feels better. (really that word is fine as it's not as well known as say.. vagina.)

  2. Oh my!! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at this!! Not at the pain you were in but everything else!! I hope you're feeling better and baby comes soon!!

  3. I'm crying! and I've heard the story!! I just can't help but shake my head and ask Why? Why did you get something obviously gear more for someone like me? I might need to sign up, at least until this semester is over!! Can't wait to see you...7 more sleeps!!