Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindergarten Shmindergarten!

So today was Paris Kindergarten Graduation! How exciting! Well is was super exciting for her and we tryed to be super excited with her. We went into the dollar store this morning and got some new hair accessories for her.
She raced home after school and was so excited to get ready. So we put hot rollers in her hair and Brody helped watch Blaze and we got her hair done just the way she likes it up and curly. She's such a girl. We got the pancakes made for supper and gobbled them as fast as we could and got up there in time with everyone dressed and half happy.
It was a nice short program thank heavens. It was so hot in the gym and i had to keep reminding Brad that "yes we did this last year for B" and "yes you are going to act like your excited to be here!"
I thought this is how it's always going to be for poor Paris doing everything one year after B already did it and we are going to have to act just as excited for her the next year!
Oh well she had a super time and got some super presents which consisted of..............
From B- a new dog leash (she likes to attach it to Blazes Pants and pretend he is her puppy.
and a bag of candy
and from Brad and I a super cool Dora Fan and some High School Musical paraphernalia

One of Paris guest's..... Grandma SharonGrandma and Grandpa Wolsey and Jeff were Paris other guests!
We were so glad the grandparents could make it. Sure made Paris happy.
Paris gobbling the icing of her cupcake but dumped the rest in the garbage after the icing was gone!

In her gown

Paris and her teacher
The Entire grade


  1. Go Peeps Go.....I love you girlie....good job on graduating!!!!

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  3. Aww, so cute!!! She's such a sweetie!!