Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend!

This weekend ended up being a busy time! Well Busy in my world. If i have more then one thing in a day i get overwhelmed. I know but i just like the life of leisure not having to worry or stress. But this weekend was busy busy.

Thursday Mom and Paris and Blaze and I went into lethbridge to get fabric for our quilt retreat next weekend. All morning i was not feeling this baby move which is so so rare. I'm really not a paranoid mom but it made me a bit nervous so that night i sat down for 2 hours and counted the amount of movement. He was moving but hardly at all. So Friday i got up and did my Big cook meals which i had to have done by 10 made and still was not feeling this baby move so i ran over to Raymond to the Dr. and he checked things out and sent me over for a stress test. Everything turned out good and baby is just fine. So that night Brad took the kiddies to the horse race in lethbridge and i stayed home and cut out my quilt

Saturday was so so busy. It was our Ward temple day. The Youth went at 7:30am to do Baptisms Then the Primary kids' all came at 10:45 and the parents went in to do sealing or a session, and the youth and youth leaders did centers all around the temple with the kids. My job was pictures. After we went down to the Seniors center and ate lunch till about 2 then met back down at the campground in magrath for supper and a fireside. Paris also had riding lessons sat. so only Brody and i went down to cardston. We were so tired and all sunned out by the time we got home so i took a nap cause Brad and I had been invited to Rook Club at mom's since a couple couldn't come. Anyway it was good food good company and i had a million KILLER hands at rook.

Anyway so today I'm totally tired and ready for bed at 8 o'clock but it was a fun weekend just busy busy.

I hope Megan and Becky don't mind me posting these pictures but B's was not done yet.
Kaden wouldn't have his picture taken alone so him and Tyson got there's together

And here is Austin He totally kills me. This was the best one of him i got. I had to bribe all the boys, If they did one nice picture they could do one silly. Well I worked for most but i think Austin just has to much personality in him to ever just stand still for a picture!

This is what Brad learned this weekend..............
Blaze was his puppy and Paris was Brody's

And Poor Poor Blaze. Not sure how it happened but Blaze got bit or stung. He all of the sudden fell in the hall and started whining and i told him to suck it up and get up then he started limping and upon further investigation i found his leg to be huge! Poor thing but he never cried or screamed so how was i to know. (another "I'm a super good mom" Moment)


  1. KD, Thanks for taking the pictures at the temple activity. They turned out great! I actually think Austin's is pretty dang cute, but then maybe that's just because I'm his mom. His says '08 instead of '09 though. You really take great pictures! --Becky

  2. KD....that picture of the temple....the one without the the one that I want for my house!!! If you get these developed....get the biggest size of this for me.....It is sooo gorgeous!!!'re still one of my most favorite people....I really mean that...I dont "just want the picture" hehe

  3. Hey KD,

    Great pictures, of course as the agent for two of your models I am going to have to sit down and negotiate a fee for their services lol. Was a fun day!