Monday, June 8, 2009

What im Thankful for....

This Past week/weekend I've been so grateful for so many things. I got the flu which the dr. says last for 5to7 days. It was horrible and i thought i would rather give birth 5 times over then do that again. I was so sleep deprived and could not do anything for a good 3 day's so that made me so thankful for ........................

Brad who took care of the house, feeding kid's, Letting me sleep, and for getting up at 5:30 friday morning to rub my back and hair to make me feel better.

My Mom Who took me to the hospital, Put me to bed for 2 strait day's while helping Brad get the house ready to show, Had the kids sleep over, and babied me the way only a mother can!

My Dad who, with as tired as he was watched Blaze while i went to the hospital. Watched the kids Saturday while i slept and mom and Brad cleaned the house.

Thank heavens I'm feeling somewhat better now but it's weekends like this that make me so thankful that people care about me!

And a few more things this weekend makes me thankful for is

finding out that Gravol is safe to take all though your pregnancy!!
Taking a bath can make any pain go away.

On to a new week hopfully it will be better and alot more productive!!


  1. Aww, that's horrible that you were so sick! Lucky that hubby and your parents were able to help you. Hope you have a better week!