Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A True Girl!

Paris is all done Kindergarten 2 weeks before B is done so she was lucky enough to sleep over at Grandma Sharon's Sunday night to Monday! Mom and Dad are so good to have the kids over all the time. They love it as do I! Anyway Paris was cleaning up dishes and doing all sorts of things so Grandma would find her of use so she would let her stay.
The next morning she go up and and got to go into lethbridge. Grandma Sharon was taking great Grandma and Grandpa into find a suit. So Paris gathered up all her money that she's been earning and tooth fairy money ect. She had a grand total of $6.50. She was so excited to find something for her money.
Anyway Great Grandma Hough and her got dropped at walmart while Mom ventured over to Moores with grandpa to find his suit. Well Paris found the most perfect thing in her mind! She just could not live without them i guess. I guess that's the fun of going shopping with Great Grandma no matter how much money you have it's enough for pretty much anything in the store.
Paris truly believed that these shoes were 5.50 and Great Grandma did not have to pitch in $12 to make up the difference. Well I've got to say they(her new shoes) are driving me crazy she wants to wear them everywhere, and that is seriously all she can talk about......No kidding i sent the kids walking up to Soccer and i told her they would hurt but she insisted and took her book bag with her flip flops in case she wanted to play were her new shoes would get dirty. This morning she wanted to walk B to school and insisted on wearing her shoes even though i said they would hurt to walk all that way. All she said was that's fine mom. I guess fashion over function.
Well it's times like these I'm so glad we live close to the grandparents they spoil the kids and the kids love love love them so much. Mom said Grandpa came prepared with a pocket full of mints for her and treated her to Arby's. Brings back such fun memories for me cause they did the exact same things with me!

Her new Pride and Joy!

Her she is washing them up getting them ready for the new day!
She is taking really good care of them!


  1. oh that is so cute!! She loves her shoes doesnt she!! What a girly girl!! I guess its better than gumboots for summer right!!

  2. too cute! Ithink this stage will be fun with girls!!

  3. They are very cute....I love the picture of her washing them.