Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who would have thought?

It finally arrived!! This is one of my favorite times of the year well for the last 2 years! It's our Annual Quilt Retreat! When we moved back from Texas we were in Mom and Dad's ward. Mom RS did a quilt club and i really wanted to learn to quilt so i started going. And have been going ever since, Even though I've moved wards.

Brad likes to make fun of me since i am the youngest one there and for a lot of the time my mom is the next youngest! The age range if from 28 (that's me) All the way up to early 70's. I've decided the older people get the funner they get! Brad likes to call it my sleepover party, which honestly it really is, But how often as adult do we get to have a sleepover party?

Anyway so this was our second annual retreat, Mom and I were in charge this year so we (as in mostly mom) Picked the pattern, Movie, Food and were in charge of invites. Mom did most of is cause I'm lacking in the motivation department these days. Anyway, Everything was so fun. We started out with supper then went down and started on our quilts. The pattern was really fun and is turning out so cute.

Finally about 10pm I was so tired i thought it was time to quit so we could watch our movie, I think i was tired out before most of the ladies there. Anyway up stairs we went and got our popcorn popped and our Italian soda's made and started the movie! So So fun.

We finally made it to bed about 12:30 and then Mom and I were up again at 6:30 to finish as much as we could of our quilt. By 9:30 we had to pack up and head out to take Paris to Calgary. (She is going to spend the week at my dear sweet Sisters!! What a great Auntie to invite her).

But Mom and i were so tired we could barley move or stay awake all the way there and all the way back!

So again i ask..... who would have thought a night out with the (older) quilting Friends would have left Mom and I so exhausted?
This is the house we sleep over at and do all our weekly meetings at. It's the best house cause we can leave everything set up in the quilting room! Louise is so great to have us!
Supper time!

The Ladies were so nice and got together a few months ago and did quilts for Kim and I for our new babies! Kim is the next youngest but has a harder time coming only because she has 7 kids at home and the 8th on the way!

It was so nice that they all thought of us and put that much work into it for us!

This is my quilt layed out but not sewn together. I love it!

Mom and Donna. Donna is the quilt boss she does all the teaching and does a amazing job!

Getting ready to start the movie in the theater room!

And of course a true Chick Flick classic!!
Kim working on her quilt
Louis Working on her baby quilt

I just realized I did not get one picture of mom's but it's really cute she did the brown's and green's to match there bedroom turned out beautiful