Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Crafty Kid's

Paris Was thrilled Friday when she got home from school. She was chosen to take there class dopey home for the weekend. It's a stuffed Donkey and I've got to say, Not that I'm paranoid or anything but I'm glad she got it first before it went to any other house and had a chance to get cooties! Anyway she has to take it every were she goes and then write about it when she takes it back on Tuesday.

So on a seemingly (not sure that's a word) unrelated note i got a new sewing machine today!! Yep that's right brand new. My other one I've had for 7 years and I've worn it right out i was debating if i should get it serviced again for $70 or just go buy a new one for $190 New one out. So Brad and i set up a space for the old one so the kids could use it.

So this is how the two relate to each other. The Kid's got out some fabric and crafted all by them selves this nifty back pack to carry dopey in. B was the designer and sewed part of it (since he had learned in grade one how to sew) and Paris sewed the rest. Anyway i was pretty impressed. This was the finished product!