Saturday, September 12, 2009


So some things happened today which are different then our usual

#1- I got to sew all day while Brad took care of kids!

#2- Blaze started screaming out in the yard and i ran into him and he had been stung not once but twice by wasps! He cryed for 5 min's then it was over and done and he was back out playing

#3- Shortly after that Paris was stung and she must have cryed for a good hour and then talked about it 2 hours past that. (difference between a boy and girl)

But i do have to mention that yesterday Paris was at a birthday party at the fish pond and was (don't ask me how) stung by a wasp inside her mouth! She of course cryed forever so they were trying to call me but we were at the temple anyway so she was somewhat traumatized by that!

#4- i got some fresh garden carrots from Mom's house and every time i eat one i get the hiccups? Weird right, Well i looked it up and it happens to others as well!

So those are my things today nothing exciting but well we're just not that exciting!

OK here are a few of the pictures i did of Missy's family last weekend. I love they way they turned out, but really how could they turn out bad when they are such good looking folks!
Oh i love my sister!







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