Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ok I've been thinking about this quote for a while and not sure if i made it up or if it's a real quote, but it's one I like to live by
(the more i think about it the more i think i made it up, Just like i made up Hoodie! hehe)

Well i Like to laugh at people. Not in a mean way but when people do something so dumb or just plain funny i like to laugh.

For example (see if Missy remembers this) One slippery day in lethbridge we were driving though the Mall parking lot and we stopped to let this younger lady with a child walk in front of us, well of course as soon as she got right in front of the truck she slipped and fell, But she did it very gracefully and we new she was fine, But it was all we could do to not die laughing until she was safely out of hearing distance. It's just funny or when B runs into the back of vehicles while riding his bike, Just plain funny! As long as no one is hurt it's funny only cause you know how you would feel if it happened to you!

So I decided, so i can be justified in laughing at other people's dumb things i would think of dumb things i do that i can laugh at.

#1. When i get so mad at the kids and im yelling and my words get jumbled up and i don't make any sense at all, so all i can do is end it off with a Blahhhhhhh and walk away.

#2. I Can't think normal if I'm working out a problem or thinking of idea's, I've got a constant dialog going on in my head and it's not a one sided. (no I don't have multiple personalities) Just 2 sides to all my internal conversations. Which coincidentally happen in the shower (the only place it's quite in the house).

#3. I think it's funny that I think my blog could be so much better if i knew how to spell better. It's funny that i have to dumb down my words just because spell check does not even know what I'm trying to spell.

#4. I think it's funny that since my last baby, I've inherited a flatulent/bloating problem. OK i don't think it's funny but i do think me sending Brad in to Walmart on a mission to find the best gas relief pill's if funny!

#5. I think it's funny that i write about gas problems on a blog that once in a while people read and will know look at me totally different.

OK that's all the funny thing's that i can laugh about myself so I'm good to laugh at someone else at least 5 more time!


  1. Yeah, you totally did make up that quote all by yourself....hehe, not really! I could think of a million things to laugh at you about but your 5 are funny. I laugh at myself all the time. I do the stupidest things and it's much funner to laugh at yourself than get mad......besides, it will help you live longer. And yes, I do remember that poor woman!