Sunday, January 31, 2010

A successful Sunday

What is a successful Sunday to you? To some it maybe a great Revelation, to others it may be having a complete day of service, and others a day of meditation and reflecting.

Or most successful Sunday happened today. Yes i would like to say it was filled with Revelation, service, Peace and rest but alas it was not.
Our Successful Sunday consisted of..............
1. arriving to church on time! Yes you read this right we were on time we were seated before anything started. That's right 9 '0clock Church the Wolsey's arrived on time!
2. Not once did Brad or I have to leave during sacrament. Not once did we have to break up a fight, and not once did we have to say "oh for crap sakes just give i to him so he will quit screaming" Yes that's right ,not once
3. Brad and I both got to have a nap at the same time for a hour.

That is a successful Sunday at the Wolsey house. More then i could have ever asked for. Nothing could have ruined the day.........................
Even the moment of my day when i was walking between sacrament meeting and Sunday school and realized my skirt was on inside out. Yep not even that ruined my day ( embarrassed yes but ruined no).


  1. Wow That is a pretty good day!

  2. I'd definately cry VICTORY from the rooftops. :)

  3. Did you have the kids with you?

  4. Good Job!! :)

    Kd, I have something for you on my blog, check it out!! :)