Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What to do with my baby

My baby as in my little girl. We were so excited when she was born, She was the cutest baby. And a sweet one as well. After having Brody who had colic, she was a joy. She always has been. She so eager to please. She's got a great sense of humor and she is so eager to please us all the time.
We have found with our Paris if you give her a bit of praise she will do anything she can to make sure she's doing good and that everyone is happy. With Brody having a few anxiety problems sometime Paris does not get as much attention because we are focused on him.
I adore my Paris she has the sweetest spirit. Hmmm what to do? Any suggestions? It's so hard to focus on one child when you have 3 others that seem to need more attention.
Ok so any suggestions??



  1. your going to think this sounds wacky but you know my sis who has seven kids, she has a couple who need help dealing with anxiety and stress and she has seen amazing results with essential oils. I completely trust her judgement when it comes to approaching healing on a holistic level, she has cured my own kids of fevers and nausea with her oils and supplements. Anyways, if you want some more info on it let me know, she has 7 kids and she maybe sees the inside of a doctors office once or twice a year...no kidding. good luck KD, i think we've all been thru a stage of parenting that frustrates the heck out of us...

  2. Me and Shelbie have 'special days'. We go somewhere of her choosing, whether it be swimming, going to west ed, or just actually sitting down in a restaraunt (she loves this!) it's her choice. We take the day and do fun stuff, by herself. We do this about once a month and I have found it helps alot and she really looks forward to them. This way (especially when the little ones were really young) she gets my undivided attention ALL DAY.

  3. I agree with Jenn. We had Daddy-daughter dates.... but this applies to Mom's as well. Go out with just Paris once a month. Something that she chooses... but you can set budget limits if you need. I had 5 siblings and I felt SO special when I got to go out alone with one of my parents.

  4. You can always send her away................................................................................................yes, to Auntie Missy's that is so that I can spoil her rotten!!!!