Monday, March 29, 2010

We've been Egg'ed

So i had a great idea for FHE tonight to egg a family. It's not like the high school day's of egging, It's the nice family version were we decorate a basket and fill it with egg's full of treats and pixie it. Since our family loves to pixie i thought this was a super fun idea. So we fixed it all up and well hmmm it's 7:30 (1/2) past the kid's bedtime already, and it was still light out. But I did not want to keep the kid's up any later so i told Brad it would be easy peasy in the light.

So off i sent them.
10 min. Later they walked in with a sad look on there face, They had been caught. First time in our whole Pixie career, that we've been caught. So Brad walked in a min later and so i asked what happened.

KD- What happened?
Brad- We got caught
KD- oh that's to bad....... Did you just give it to them and say happy Easter?
Brad- No, I dropped it, screamed like a girl and ran.
KD- Seriously?
Brad- Yep

End of conversation

So since we're pretty sure they know it's us, It's safe to post the pictures (I'm sure they don't read this anyway).