Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hmmm How would i Know?

It's not like I've had 3 other kid's.
I was thinkgin about Knox's eating habits. He still has baby food mixed with cereal. But thinking about it a little and remembering those 4 brand new teeth he's got one top just waiting to be used, I finally looked up what he could be eating...........................

Hmmm I guess he can be eating a lot more and a lot of different things. I guess at this age Brody was eating spaghetti and fruit pieces and yogurt. I know this cause i have a picture of it. But i guess with every child you forget more and more. Come to think about it I don't even remember feeding Blaze.

So Today Knox got to eat a entire Banana and a bit of cheese. Oh the places we'll go now that i know finger food is a go.


  1. i totally forget things too, thats why i potty trained carson totally different than Parker i had no clue how i had done it. don't forget everything, i'll need some baby tips soon.