Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wow 2 in one day

Yep that's right 2 post's in one day. This one is all about our Knox. He's 9 month's old already! Times flown by. These are Knox 9 month's accomplishments.................

He is up to 6 teeth. He was 3 months when he got his first 2 and had to wait another 5 long months for the other 4 to show up.

He eats his cereal mixed with various types of vege's and fruit. He will eat till we quit feeding him. He loves his food. Per feeding (which we do twice a day) he eats 1/4c up to 1/2c of food.

He crawls like a sun of a gun and loves to sit up then as quick as he can get back on his knee's and crawl away. I think he's figured out he has to be fast with his older brother flying around.

He pulls himself up on furniture and walks around everything, I'm holding out on giving him the walking toy's cause he's to young to walk but I'm sure he could if i just showed him how.

His Most favorite thing to do is to push Blazes Big car's around the house, Or little car's or anything that will push or roll. He has been known to push the wipes around the house if there are no cars available.

He is not a good napper that's for sure. Sometimes he'll take a morning nap but not all the time. Afternoon Nap's he does have but if he's in his own bed he will only sleep for about a hour if he's beside me in our bed he'll sleep for 3, so i am forced in to having afternoon naps(hehe).

Most night's he sleep's through the night. If he does wake up it's usual only once.

And he just learned how to clap.

He is a happy baby and a pleasant baby to have. We don't really hear from him and he can be to the other side of the house before anyone notices he's gone. He loves Playing with his Big Brother. He will sit and laugh at Blaze run around him for hour's.





We are so luck to have him in our family!


  1. the toothy picture is my favorite. And his hair is getting long, hes looking so much older! before you know it he'll be walking around.